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Bright Minds Co. | Learning Centre for Gifted Kids in Australia

Why Work With Us?

Testimonials From Parents

Megan, mother of student at Bright Minds Co.
"Contact Kerrie at Bright Minds Co. I had the same issue with my son. Told for 2 years everything is fine when I knew deep down it wasn’t. She performed a really thorough learning assessment and could tell me exactly where he was struggling and strategies we could use at home to help. He’s also doing weekly sessions with her because she has such an incredible way of getting through to kids that works. And he walks out feeling proud and excited - not overwhelmed and stressed like when we try to help."
- Megan, Mum of 8 Year Old Boy

Testimonials From Students

Xavier, student at Bright Minds Co.
"Kerrie was very understanding of how I learnt and found ways to get learning across to me. I’m really thankful for Kerrie teaching me because if she hadn’t then I would have been extremely behind on all of my work and struggled in school. Kerrie is highly recommended for tutoring, and she is great fun to learn with."
- Xavier, Year 7 Boy
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