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Education Learning Center for Gifted, High-potential Child.

Learning is
For Everyone

At Bright Minds Co., we value the individual. Students and parents are provided with experienced industry professionals who make it their business to help you understand your child.

We are experts, not just tutors

Gifted Education Experts in Australia

Experts in Gifted Education

We understand the complexities of being a parent of a gifted child, from fear of advocating, to school refusal, to the issue of daily challenge in their talent area.  We assess students and provide parents with a detailed report and best practice options to meet the needs of their gifted, high-potential child. Our educators are passionate about gifted education and their individual fields of expertise. If you want understanding and results, book with Bright Minds Co.

Our Services


Our consulting service provides parents with expert support in understanding their child as well as finding the right Bright minds Co. Programs offering insights into enrichment, acceleration, or support strategies, especially after assessments, to address their child's specific needs.

Learning Consulting & Programs for Gifted Child in Australia


We start with research-backed assessments tailored to student needs, providing parents with detailed reports on their child's placement compared to same-aged peers. These reports inform personalised support at Bright Minds Co.

One-on-one Tutoring for Gifted Child in Australia

1:1 Tutoring

This premium service gets results fast, addressing gaps for placement in enrichment groups or our unique gifted mentoring program. Educators, mostly working via Zoom, cover K-6 and 7-12 subjects, as well as university-level mathematics, physics, and research, with some tutors at our Collaroy space on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Learning Education Center for Gifted Child in Sydney Northern Beaches

Enrichment Groups

Affordable expert-led sessions offer fun and interactive challenges tailored to high-potential learners, featuring fast-paced activities with advanced off-curriculum concepts suitable for both high-potential and 2E students.

Group Learning and Innovative Workshop for Gifted Child in Australia

Gifted Mentoring

Our innovative service pairs gifted students with expert mentors for deep-level exploration of their interests, providing personalised guidance beyond tutoring to master engaging content and explore fascinating directions.

Enrichment Workshop for Gifted Child in Australia

Enrichment Workshops

Prioritise the principles of gifted education

GIfted Education in Sydney Northern Beaches

Navigating Gifted Education

Having gifted children can be confronting and confusing. Parents often struggle to understand and advocate for their kids. That’s what we do here at Bright Minds Co. Parents gain not only an understanding of their child’s abilities, they feel supported through the process and are given options for getting their kids the challenge they need in their education. Our founder Kerrie has experienced Gifted Education as both a parent and a teacher/presenter as well as studying Gifted education at a master's level.

Gifted Learning Education Centre in Sydney Northern Beaches

Testimonial From Parents

"I have struggled to get support for my son across his whole primary school years and when I came across Kerrie at Bright Minds I was close to giving up! I’m so glad I didn’t because from my first conversation with Kerrie I have been amazed and incredibly impressed with the professionalism and care she has taken with tutoring my son. She not only went above and beyond to assess where he was at academically, but she spent time and effort to really understand what makes him tick. He just received a score of 18 out of 20 for an assignment and for the first time, he was actually proud of his academic achievement!
 -Kat, Mother of  a Year 7 Boy

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Kerrie Parry | Founder, Owner & Tutor at Bright Minds Co.

Meet Kerrie,
Our Founder

Bright Minds Co. founder Kerrie, drawing from over 20 years of experience, both as a mother of three and a teacher, has a unique understanding of gifted education. Having initially struggled with misconceptions, her journey led to post-graduate study in gifted education. Now, through Bright Minds Co., she supports both gifted learners and adults seeking understanding in the realm of gifted education.

Education Learning Centre for Gifted Child

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