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Education Experts for Gifted Child in Australia

About Us

Be sure you are doing the right thing to help your gifted child. Accessing expert help is the best way to find your way through the minefield that is catering for a Bright Mind.

Gifted Child Learning Centre in Sydney Northern Beaches

Who Are We

Bright Minds Co. are a team of talented education specialists. We know that Bright Minds connect best to educators who are passionate and have deep knowledge. Our teachers are hand-picked for their experience and are experts in their fields.


All of our K-6 tutors are trained teachers. Many of them have post-grad qualifications in gifted education and have taught gifted education, though our mentors hold qualifications up to a PhD in their subject area.


Our 7-12 and test-prep tutors are selective school graduates who graduated with exceptional marks.

Come Meet Our Team

Join Our Team

Have skills that gifted kids would LOVE to learn? Are you a teacher or B.Ed. student looking for some fun, well paid holiday work? We are always on the look out for workshop presenters and will help you plan and prepare your workshops. Contact Kerrie in the office!

Looking for tutoring work? If you are a teacher of primary or high school, a B.Ed. student, a selective school graduate or a medical student... get in contact!

Great rates of pay, wonderful staff and the very BEST students!

Job Opportunity at Bright Minds Co, Gifted Child Learning Education Centre
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